Despite the tight square footage of our homestead — my husband and I purchased an adorable, petitely proportioned 1903 carriage house this past summer — the collection of design magazines and books in our home makes up about 90% of our library space.

A fly on the wall in our home would be witness to a very lively routine. With the exception of the occasional coffee break or run to Home Depot, it’s Me, at my desk, for hours on end, pouring through magazines and blogs for fresh design inspirations.

So why is our house still half empty and pining for furniture and accessories? 99% of those gorgeous sofas, rugs, lamps, and wallpaper come from really, really expensive stores. When I was the managing editor of a lifestyle magazine in NYC and working on my book, Convertible Houses, I came across so many exquisite interiors, but making the leap from how to get that $30,000 room featured in Elle Decor when you have $3,000 to spend is pretty daunting and where most of us give up.

I started this blog because I know the majority of you are like me, decorating your homes on a budget, without the help of an interior designer. As my husband and I have settled into our house, I’ve learned that with a careful eye, a lot of paint, and some serious shopping acumen, you can achieve those beautifully designed spaces, and even better because you did it yourself, your personal stamp will be on everything in the space.

This blog is dedicated to beautiful inspirational spaces and how to translate them into real homes. One room at a time, investing in one piece at a time, you can create a place you love coming home to.

As much as possible, I’ve stayed away from to the trade sources (meaning they only sell to professional designers) and focused on stores you’re all familiar with like Pottery Barn and Target. New posts go up every Tuesday and Thursday (to help us all get through hump Wednesday!).

If you have more sources to add to any story, feel free to post in comments to help your fellow decorators. If you’ve found a room you love and want to learn how to get it, please send me your inspirational photos!

Happy decorating!














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