Remember when gray and yellow were all the rage. You saw it in interiors, weddings, baby showers, it’s been everywhere. If you’re ready to update your space, swap out your yellow accessories for something in the orange family. It’s warmer, earthier, and exceedingly versatile. And you should have a plethora of accessories to choose from since Pantone predicted tangerine will be the color of the year in 2012.

Depending on tone (from light peaches to deep persimmons) it’s pretty enough for a ladylike saloon, or masculine enough for a man cave. Today we’re exploring different combinations of gray and orange to inspire you next time you’re looking for a new color palette for a room.

Via The Decorista

Choose dusty shades of each color for an ultra sophisticated and elegant take on the color scheme. The muted orange hue is a delightful departure from the usual accents of pink, green, or blue used in French-style rooms.

Via Your Nest Design

For a more dramatic look, a deeper cement/charcoal gray is a beautiful backdrop for a tangerine headboard and bedskirt. I love the way the white elements in this room play off the rich wall color, while the orange tones keep the space inviting.

Via Charm Home Design

Interior designer Cristi Holcombe has a whole story on how to incorporate tangerine into a space. My favorite is this home office she designed. I love the tangerine and off-white prints in the rug and the window treatments, paired with this pretty taupe-gray.

Via Bookshelves and Late Fees

A deeper shade of gray is a great choice for a modern office space. Here, a classic Hermes orange is paired with crisp white cabinetry and shelving.

Via Jute Interior Design

It makes a fantastic motif for a nursery as well. Warm wood tones help to make this space more approachable while fat tangerine and white stripes on the rug add a playful punch to the room. It’s such a refreshing alternative from the pastels and beiges that we see in most baby rooms.

Via Martha Stewart

I love this lighter shade of tangerine (almost peach) in this kitchen nook. Paired with lots of white and shades of warm gray, it’s such an inviting space.

Via Martha Stewart

Here, a similar shade used to create a light and airy bedroom. Limit yourself to just a few touches of orange to keep the look clean.

Via Shaun Jackson Design

If orange makes you nervous, you can test drive it in a space with just a simple accent pillow. It adds the perfect finishing element in this polished gray and white bedroom by Connecticut designer Shaun Jackson.

Via Decor Pad

Another example of how sophisticated orange can be. In a room full of neutral dove gray and ebony, rich pumpkin colored velvet drapes add a lush richness to the space.

Via Martha Stewart

For a cottage style house, try peach paired with dove gray. It’s warm and pretty without detracting from pretty antiques and charming architecture.

Via Diane Bergeron

If you’re ready for something bold, this bedroom is a fantastic inspiration. Australian designer Diane Bergeron designed this exuberant chinoiserie and silk draped bedroom. Classic patterns come alive in a rich orange palette.

Via Ron Marvin

To adapt this palette to more masculine spaces, use charcoal grays and solids. Persimmon is the best shade of orange to create a more refined version of this color scheme.

Via Sarah McAllister

This combination works just as well in contemporary spaces as it does more traditional ones.

Via Reasons to Breathe

And finally, this gorgeous living room highlights how delicious this color can look when paired with the right accompaniments. The graphic black and white rug is a perfect contrast to the striped orange curtains. Add an oversized tufted velvet ottoman in taupe and crisp white sofas, and the room is absolutely breathtaking.