via Living Etc

For those already thinking about things they want to put on their list of resolutions for 2012, usually being more organized ranks pretty high. Start the new year with a clean and pretty place to pay your bills, write a thoughtful note, and keep up with emails. Today we’re looking at inspiration to set up an instant home office.

This dead simple office set-up from British interiors magazine Living Etc. proves that you can find space for a mini office just about anywhere, all you need is about three feet of free wall space. Don’t wait until you have a spare room to convert, you’ll be amazed how much more productive and content you are with a dedicated area for getting things done. And it couldn’t be easier to accomplish this resolution, just order two pieces that will be delivered right to your front door.

CB2 $349

Peekaboo Clear Console

So slim in profile, it could easily fit into a wide hallway, this clear acrylic console allows your office to blend seamlessly into any space without adding bulk or clutter. In a living space, it doubles as a serving buffet or bar when entertaining, in a bedroom as a dressing table, and in a hallway, a space for dropping mail waiting to be sorted.

DWR $249

Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair

DWR is a licensed manufacturer of the mid-century original, made to the exact specifications of the Eames pieces.

Amazon $79

Eiffel Chair

An easy way to save on budget, dozens of imitations of this iconic chair are available including this economical version from Amazon.

Kidrobot $200

Mega Munny 18-inch White Edition

Choose your own personal flair (a giant vinyl robot doll isn’t for everyone), but make sure you add one thing to your office niche that makes you smile.