This is a follow-up to Tuesday’s post on creating a reading nook. While searching for a print to feature in that story, I came across so many great maps that I wanted to share with you.

Wall art can be so expensive, it’s usually one of the last things people invest in when they decorate, but it makes such a huge impact. I’m guilty of it in every place I’ve ever lived. My last apartment in Brooklyn had empty walls for a year and a half! Once I commit to getting things hung up, I always kick myself for putting it off for so long. It’s the one thing that really makes a room feel finished.

Today’s post is also great for holiday gift ideas. These prints are an affordable way to give someone something personal and unexpected. It can be a map of their home city, their favorite place to visit, any destination they have a special connection to. Put it in a simple wood gallery frame from IKEA or Pottery Barn so your friend can hang their new treasure as soon as they’ve unwrapped it.

ork posters chicago map print

Ork Posters $27 (screenprint) $22 (poster)


Based in Chicago, Ork Posters offers a number of cities in different color variations in two formats, printed or screenprinted. I love the colors and texture of the screenprinted options. She also signs each one!

going underground chicago map print

Going Underground $35

Chicago Art Poster

going underground new york city map art

Going Underground $35

New York City

I love the simplicity and elegance of these designs from Going Underground. They remind me of a New Yorker cover.

january jones manhattan illustrated map

January Jones $12


Based out of Colorado, husband and wife team Nic and Kirsten offer the sweetest collection of map prints and skyline illustrations.

three potato four datz brooklyn map art

Three Potato Four $60


Janet and Stu run a lovely shop in Philadelphia with an ever-evolving collection of found objects. Their background is in graphic design and on their website they offer a charming collection of illustrated city prints like this one of highlights of Brooklyn destinations.

seagull's hut new york city map art

Seagull’s Hut £125

NYC Type Map

The most expensive piece in this post, BUT it’s handscreened and only 100 are made of each series. The artist numbers and signs each one, so you’re getting a true piece of art at an accessible price. I love the colors of the NYC design.

famille summerbell manhattan map art

Famille Summerbelle $54

New York

The workmanship in this piece is incredible. The print is based on a paper cut done by hand by the artist (who was trained in fine art in Paris and set design at St. Martin’s in London). The intricate design translates beautifully into the printed version.

trnsprtnation boston typography art map print map art city art city poster subway art illustrated map

Trnsprtnation $25


Typography fanatics will love this print with the names of streets tracing the subway system grid.

mr. city printing seattle map print map art city art city poster subway art illustrated map

Mr. City Printing $25

Seattle Map Art Poster

The same print company featured on Tuesday, they offer lots of cities from Pittsburgh to Milwaukee in a classic design.

bree,ree brooklyn map art

Bree, Ree $65


Hand screenprinted in limited runs, this Canadian artist depicts a unique perspective of his favorite cities in gorgeous color combinations.